Command Description Permission Node
/broadcast <message> This command will send a global message to all online players core.broadcast
/clearchat This command will clear the chat for all online players core.clearchat
/core This command gives you information about the core plugin. can be disabled in the config.yml
/fly [player] Toggle fly for yourself or a specific player
/gamemode <gamemode> [player] Switch your own gamemode or from a specific player core.gamemode
/ignore <player> Ignoring a player will hide their chat messages for you core.ignore
/message <player> <message> Send a private message to another player core.message
/teleport <player> [target] Teleport yourself to another player, you can also specify a second player that will teleport player to target core.teleport
/time <time> This command will change the time in your current world core.time
/tpa <player> Send a teleport request to another player core.tpa
/tpaccept Accepts a teleport request
/tpdeny Deny a teleport request
/vanish [player] This command will hide you for all other players, a great way to spy on other players core.vanish
/warp <warp> Warps you to a saved warp core.warp
/setwarp <warp> Sets a new warp on your current location core.warp.manage
/removewarp <warp> Removed a warp